Friday, June 8, 2018

Back cover - version 2.0...

Dear Faithful Readers:

Thanks for the interesting feedback on the proposed back cover copy for Street Cred. Based on your suggestions, here is the revised version:

Nicholas Shane Jr. heads for work on a bright June morning, his first day on the job with the Vallejo Street Department. Nick has definite goals in mind: earn a baseball scholarship to a major university, bank a few dollars to pay the bills, and hold on to Donna, his first love. But his most important goal is to honor the legacy of his late father, a legend for his blue-collar work ethic. With his father's lunch pail in hand, Nick has no idea of the adventures ahead or the characters he will meet along the way. It's a road with many potholes, but it teaches him the lessons of friendship, loyalty, love, and loss. Nick travels far from home, but his heart never leaves the streets of Vallejo.

C.W. Spooner returns to his roots for this story of home, family, and friends, both old and new.