Sunday, November 15, 2020

For all e-reader fans...

 Dear Faithful Readers,

The e-reader version of One Pitch at a Time has been released. You can now get the book on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. I had the publisher set the price at $1.99, which solidifies my identity as Two-buck Chuck. (I know what you’re thinking, but Trader Joe raised the price of their wine!)

If you click the image of the cover in the right margin, it will take you to Amazon’s bookstore. Whether paperback or e-reader, here’s hoping you enjoy the read.



Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A little help from my friends...

Dear Faithful Readers,

It is nice to receive support from your fellow scribblers. Here are three "blurbs" from friends and colleagues regarding One Pitch at a Time. These comments warmed the cockles of my heart. And if you've ever had your cockles warmed, well...

"I loved the story... the basic goodness and breadth of the characters, each with his/her own personality and role to play. Great job!"
- Casey Dorman, author of: The Oedipus Murders; Murder in Nirvana; and (coming soon) Eziekel's Brain

"A nice variety of characters. Ramona, the aspiring nurse, and Crusty Bob, the old newsboy, stood out for me. Loved them and enjoyed the others as well."
- Tom Campbell, author of Badass - the Harley-Davidson Experience, and Travel On - Cycles of the Lifestyle Kind

"You’ve captured the pulse of the pandemic and tucked it into an interesting sports story, love story, and story about alcoholism. I cried when I read Ramona’s testimony to Webb on the boat."
- Brian M. Biggs, author of Prove My Soul - Another Side to the Vietnam War

And then there is this from the "Acknowledgements" page:

 I close with a special thank you to Billie Kelpin, who, without knowing it, became my development editor. We began exchanging chapters of our works in progress, and I learned Billie has an amazing eye for detail and nuance. And she grew up in Milwaukee as a devoted fan of the Braves and a “really cute” Hall of Fame third baseman named Eddie Mathews. Perfect qualifications for a baseball-themed story! Billie, I can’t thank you enough.

Billie is the author of Lucky, the Left-pawed Puppy, The Perfect Husband App, Polly and the Measuring Stick, and (coming soon) the novel Falling Idols

As the song says, "I get by with a little help from my friends..." 






Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Coming to your bookshelf...

 Dear Loyal Readers,

 A new book is on the way. It is my sixth volume overall and my third short novel. The title is One Pitch at a Time. You guessed it: a story about baseball. It is also about the pandemic and the perilous times we are living through. To tell you more, here is the back cover copy:

In the mythical town of Gold Ridge, California, Brett Corcoran is pursuing his dream of a career in professional baseball. After a disastrous fall training season, he is cut from the local community college team. But when his father, Don, finds his old high school coach Webb Johnson living in a flophouse in town, everything is about to change.


Don persuades Webb to work with his son to rebuild his dream. But there is one provision: Webb must abstain from alcohol while ignoring Don’s downward spiral into the same disease. Webb begins to bring himself and Brett back from rock bottom, teaching old school lessons and building confidence. Brett is helped along in his quest by Ramona, a passionate young nursing student and the love of his life. Meanwhile, as a pandemic and social chaos unfold, Don is heading towards the abyss.


In this moving novella, a young man battles family conflicts and personal demons to resurrect his dream of professional baseball amid a pandemic and social upheaval. 

And there you have it. If my grandkids ever ask, "Papa, what did you do in 2020, during the 'stay at home' times?", this will be my answer.

The paperback is available from the iUniverse bookstore and, and it will be up on Barnes & Noble soon. For you e-reader fans, the Kindle and Nook versions take a little longer to release (I'll keep you posted). I hope you find it a ripping-good tale.

Thanks for reading,

C.W. Spooner