Monday, December 4, 2017

Something's Coming...

Dear Faithful Readers:

One of my favorite scenes from West Side Story is when Tony sings "Something's Coming."

                    Could be. 
                    Who knows?
                    There's something due any day
                    I will know right away
                    Soon as it shows...

Something's coming, alright. It's my novella, Street Cred. And the good news is you can read it for free, right here on this fine blog. I plan to post several chapters a week beginning in January 2018. Call it a New Year's resolution. It will probably take eight or nine postings to complete the story.

Street Cred is about a young man who goes to work for the street department in his hometown, which happens to be Vallejo, California. Sound familiar?

                    Will it be?
                    Yes it will.
                    Maybe just by holding still 
                    It'll be there...
One of my favorite things about Street Cred is the cover. It was designed by a talented and prolific young artist/writer/educator named Diana Huang. Diana is an active member of the Lake Forest (California) Roundtable, a group that meets every Thursday to talk about writing. Diana has designed covers for two other members of the Roundtable: Casey Dorman's 2020; and Howard Rogers's A Male Doberman Named Esther. You'll find both authors on

So, here is the cover Diana designed for me:

Diana based her cityscape on a photo of Vallejo's Lower Georgia Street. She didn't know it, but my dad used to take me to pro wrestling matches at the Farragut Club. Pretty cool, eh?

                    Around the corner
                    Or whistling down the river
                    Come on deliver
                    To me...

Delivery is due in January. As the newsies like to say, watch this space.