Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hey, I'm back...

I'm back at the old pop stand, and for good reason: there is a new book on the way. It is my second collection of short stories and the title is, Like a Flower in the Field. It consists of twenty stories and two one-act plays.

Why now, and why this group of stories? Well, some of them have been hanging around for a long time. No story is ever finished, because it is too easy to make tweaks and "improvements." The truth is I've come to the point where I must get this pile off my desk in order to move on.

That's a little harsh, because there are some stories in the group that I really like. Actually, I guess I like all of them or I would have deleted them a long time ago. Anyway, I submitted my manuscript yesterday. For better or worse, there's no turning back.

I thought I'd invite you along for the ride. I plan to blog periodically as Like a Flower in the Field makes its way through the publishing process. The book will probably be released in May or June. There are many steps to be completed. Experience tells me it can (will?) be a bumpy ride.

That said, if at any point you want off the rollercoaster, just let me know. No harm, no foul.

So, here we go. The coaster is starting up that first incline. Everybody get your hands up and be ready to scream.

C.W. "Chuck" "Charlie" Spooner