Friday, June 8, 2018

Back cover - version 2.0...

Dear Faithful Readers:

Thanks for the interesting feedback on the proposed back cover copy for Street Cred. Based on your suggestions, here is the revised version:

Nicholas Shane Jr. heads for work on a bright June morning, his first day on the job with the Vallejo Street Department. Nick has definite goals in mind: earn a baseball scholarship to a major university, bank a few dollars to pay the bills, and hold on to Donna, his first love. But his most important goal is to honor the legacy of his late father, a legend for his blue-collar work ethic. With his father's lunch pail in hand, Nick has no idea of the adventures ahead or the characters he will meet along the way. It's a road with many potholes, but it teaches him the lessons of friendship, loyalty, love, and loss. Nick travels far from home, but his heart never leaves the streets of Vallejo.

C.W. Spooner returns to his roots for this story of home, family, and friends, both old and new.



  1. Well, you are brave man to put this out there so public. But I have a few questions: Who is the book targeting? What is this book about? Is it a baseball story, love story, small town American story, or human-interest story? II am picking up this book, the book cover synopsis should answer those questions. From the few chapters I read, this book is about a relationship between a son and father, male bonding, and self-discovery. (Or is it really about a man and his city?) The back cover isn’t the place to get bogged down in arcane plot details. For that reason, I am not sure it is important to list the cast of they are the ensemble cast. The love interest is secondary...and I am not sure of the appeal to your target audience. If I assume this is about Nicholas's coming to terms with his relationship with his father (a human-interest story) here is how I might rewrite your synopsis: Nicholas Shane Jr. has definite goals: becoming a professional baseball player and getting Donna, the girl of his dream. But the most important to him is to live up to his father’s legacy. He had hoped to do that by earning a baseball scholarship at a Division-1 university. But after his father’s unexpected death, his goals took second place to just to making a living. With his father’s lunch pail in hand, he heads to his first day on the job with Vallejo Street Department, the place his father was a legend, and tough shoes to fill. The men on the job made sure he knows that. But along the way, with humiliation and grit, Nicholas earns their friendship and respect, helping him discover that sometimes the goals most wanted are sometimes found on a bumpy road in Vallejo. (This, of Course, is my two cents. And with the costs of living know that isn't worth much!) Good luck....can't wait to read the whole thing!

  2. I agree with Writerdeeva, and I like her version. Definitely cut out all the character names except the main character. Back cover readers don't care at that point and it bogs down the flow of reading it. I also agree you need to focus on the point of the story, a few of the challenges, both interior and exterior. I love her last sentence "But along the way..."! Just delete the 'sometimes' and replace second one with 'often'. My two cents...Looking forward to the book!