Thursday, July 13, 2017

The readers always write...

Under the heading of Shameless Self-promotion, here are a handful of reviews posted for Like a Flower in the Field:

The question of legacy permeates C.W. Spooner's Like a Flower in the Field. He explores the notion with adept skill and empathy for how we evolve with the places we encounter and how they evolve despite a fleeting presence. He speaks with wisdom, curiosity and absolute humanity making this a collection you can't only read once, but time and time again.
     --David Grazer

I am struggling to do this gem justice. The stories hit home time after time after time. They are realistic tales and many are filled with profound, thoughtful observations with just enough detail to make you feel you are there. I suspect in many cases Spooner has actually been there but changed the names to protect the (not so) innocent and perhaps spiked it a little with some embellishment. So there you have paraphrase Wilson form the story, "Moral Imperative," I have read (your) book (Spooner) and it is damn good.
     --Thomas R. Campbell, author of Badass - The Harley-Davidson Experience

I like C.W. Spooner's writing. His work is always a pleasure to read. Like a Flower in the Field is a collection of beautifully written stories and one-act plays. It includes some touching collaborations, and sweet catharsis for those who suffered the insufferable at high school. Spooner's stories just make you feel good. In a literary world seemingly obsessed with horrible dystopian worlds, it is nice to spend time with relatable characters, and their life-affirming stories.
     --Stewart F. Hoffman, author of The Bug Boys

Spooner has an amazing knack for turning ordinary events into life-affirming moments. He vividly depicts ordinary people coping with life and winning. In a literary landscape filled with endless negativity, he gives us hope. If this book were a film it would definitely be a date movie. Too bad there aren't six stars. 
     --Mike Stevens, author of Fortuna

This well-crafted collection contains some true gems that are well worth reading. In a world of pulp fiction, much of it poorly written, it is refreshing to read the prose of an intelligent writer -- one who can provide stories that are thought-provoking as well as entertaining.
     --Chris Phipps, author of Snowbound and Love, Murder and a Good Bottle of Wine

Thank you, one and all. Keep those cards and letters coming.